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Facts about Male Enhancement Pills


Male enhancement.

We’ve all heard the story, boy meets girl, girl wants bigger heart, the girl dumps guy for the boy with the big heart.

There’s more to this story than meets the eye. There’s the guy who needs a bigger heart to pump more blood to his penis for a more reinforced erection. Once he gets this, his better half lives happily ever after.

What is the moral of this story? Male enhancement is not all about the looks and demeanor.

Exterra®: The natural and painless way

There are many of the shelf male enhancement solutions out there and one of the most celebrated supplements is Exterra®.

Get rigid. Increased libido. Increased load. Elongated sessions. More extension and width. Luckily, Exterra will deliver this and more.

Unable to stiffen the shaft? Can’t get it up?

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty; appeal and allure alone will not win her heart. Not everyone is as blessed down there as a Greek god. Nor can you last as long as you did, nor shoot out as much load as you did when you were younger.

A number of factors come into play in regards to your sexual energy including health conditions, your age, your size and your passion. As a man grows older there is a continuous diminishing of testosterone. These factors can gravely affect a man’s sex life through drained energy and sagging impotence.

Limited libido can affect men of all ages. It is more common in older men, but there is still no guarantee for the younger men. It may be difficult to get hard but it gets even worse maintaining that erection for some younger men.

Depending on your erection angle, this can mean problems for any man.

If you feel that you are under-performing when it comes to sexual performance, your best bet and most natural aid is Exterra®.


This is a natural solution that does not involve the use of steroids or narcotics nor does it involve any complicated mechanical apparatus such as pumps, stretchers or surgery. It is a fully natural mix of herbs packed into one little pill.

The ingredients found in Exterra are of great benefit to your cardiovascular system and help boost the natural production of testosterone within your body. In essence, these herbal extracts help your body in the following ways:

(1) Augments blood flow, ensuring that the penis is more rigid (no need for a bigger heart)

(2) Invigorates one’s sex drive and increases general sexual health.

Fortunately, Exterra comes with proven  results giving you a better option as opposed to having to rely on the more expensive formulas that will have you digging deeper into your pocket. If taken as advised, Exterra® will give you:

boosted sexual stamina

  • (1) A boosted sexual stamina and more regular erections
  • (2) Bigger loads and more invigorating orgasms
  • (3) Larger and more immense erections
  • (4) Longer sustenance in bed and a fantastic performance

With the surety Exterra offers, you are assured of results.


Safety concerns

If used as instructed, Exterra® is as safe as any other herbal product or over the counter vitamins.

Consult your doctor.

It is always wise to take precaution even when if you’re only taking supplements or nutrients. We advise that you consult your doctor first, especially if you are on medication or have a pre-existing condition.


When it comes to safety, Exterra® is in a class of its own due to its 100% herbal extracts content. In contrast to other harmful metabolic products, these natural herbal extracts are easily absorbed and voided by the body.

No drugs, no dangerous device

You do not have to undergo the painful processes other procedures may entail, nor do you have to consume artificial chemicals that are harmful to your body. This means good health and no risk of injury.

Certified Made in the USA

All Exterra® pills are manufactured in the US. So it falls under FDA regulation and is bound by law to follow federal safety standards.

Ingredients used in Exterra® pills are fully certified by the FDA and are solely manufactured in the US in accordance to US federal safety standards.


Do not settle for any other alternative. Your genitals are your most sensitive body part and should be treated as such. If your privates are important to you then alternatives such as the ones below are not an option.

Prescription drugs, suppositories

doctor approved exterraThese can be pills or other medications that are directly inserted into the urethra. We may fully trust prescription pills, but sometimes we need to think twice. These prescription medicines have been known to affect the purpose of other drugs like heart condition meds. Also, the cost can be amazingly high and a doctor’s visit is necessary.

Surgical implants and surgery

Implant surgery has its disadvantages including high cost, high risk and unknown outcome. Imagine the pain one has to undergo having something inserted into your penis. Imagine the pain if the implant gets dislodged sometime later in life. Imagine the complications. This should only be used in extreme cases such as accidents and the like.


Imagine an injection going into your penis. “Ouch”. This is what you have to undergo to get the chemicals into your blood vessels for an erection to be effected. This is more common in extreme cases of impotence and to induce an erection during certain surgical procedures.

Vacuum pumps and erection devices

These are aid for generating and maintaining an erection. A pump is used to apply pressure and suction to the penis after which an elastic band is used at the base of the erection to hold the erection. This method has been known to work in the initial stages and later abating and can also cause permanent damage to the penis. Take time to ponder on that. Permanent damage!!

Bottom line

If your sexual libido is not what it used to be, or your penis just won’t stay up when it’s supposed to, or maybe you want a larger sturdier penis, then Exterra® is certainly your best bet.

Exterra® is a natural product that can be bought off the shelf and has no side-effects whatsoever as long as it is taken as directed. All ingredients are FDA approved.